Storm IQ Tour 78-U Urethane Bowling Ball

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Drilling Protection Plan

If your new ball cracks while being drilled by a pro shop, will replace your ball free of charge! Manufacturers' warranties typically do not cover for cracking during drilling and drillers are not held responsible for their mistakes or defects in the ball.

*Ball must be purchased from
*Ball must be drilled within 11 days of receiving it (Extended to Feb 1, for purchases made between Black Friday and Christmas).
*Protection must be purchased before the ball is drilled.
*Ball pictures must be sent for inspection and the receipt for drilling charges included also.
*We pay shipping back to you.

Extended Warranty

Valid for 2 full years from date of purchase. Covers manufacturing defects of balls, bags & shoes.

This warranty does not cover incidental costs of replacement including, but not limited to; freight, measuring, and drilling.

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  • Lane Condition: Medium Oil 
  • Coverstock: Controll™ 78 Solid Urethane
  • Core: C³™ Centripetal Control Core
  • Finish: 500-grit Abralon®
  • Flare: Medium

Storm IQ Tour 78-U Bowling Ball

The Ultimate in Smooth and Predictable Bowling

If you're searching for a bowling ball that delivers a smooth and predictable reaction, the Storm IQ Tour 78-U is your ideal choice. This exceptional bowling ball stands out for its unique urethane materials and innovative design, offering a reaction that sets it apart from other urethane options in the industry.

The 78/U name itself tells the story. With its 78 hardness urethane coverstock, this ball complies with the latest PBA® regulations. What makes it truly special is the inclusion of the C³™ Centripetal Control Core, which has been a benchmark in bowling reactions for over a decade. This low RG core enables the ball to read the lane precisely, resulting in a genuine urethane-like response.

Meet the Controll 78 Urethane Coverstock

The IQ Tour 78/U isn't just a name; it's a commitment to quality. Featuring the innovative Controll 78 Urethane Coverstock, this ball complies with PBA® regulations, including the new hardness rule. The 500-grit surface preparation ensures that it performs exceptionally well on shorter oil patterns, giving you superior control.

Key Features:
  • Smooth and Predictable: The Storm IQ Tour 78-U offers a consistent and reliable reaction on the lane, making it perfect for bowlers of all skill levels.
  • C³™ Centripetal Control Core: This core technology has been a benchmark for over a decade, providing precise lane reading and a genuine urethane-like reaction.
  • Controll 78 Urethane Coverstock: Compliant with PBA® regulations, this coverstock offers a 78 hardness rating and excels on shorter oil patterns.
  • Optimal for Medium Oil: Designed for medium oil lane conditions, this bowling ball ensures you stay in control.

Elevate your game with the Storm IQ Tour 78-U Bowling Ball. Experience a level of performance and predictability that will take your bowling to the next level.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional bowling ball. Order yours today and experience the difference!

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberBBMVLL
Performance LevelHigh Performance
Lane ConditionMedium Oil
CoverstockControll™ 78 Solid Urethane
Cover TypeUrethane
CoreC³ Centripetal Control Core
Core TypeSymmetric
Finish500-grit Abralon®
RG / DIFF#12 - 2.65 / .035
#13 - 2.59 / .045
#14 - 2.54 / .034
#15 - 2.49 / .029
#16 - 2.49 / .035
Recommended CleanerStorm Reacta Foam
Launch DateDecember 15, 2023
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Return period60 days
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Storm IQ Tour 78-U
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